Looking back on 2012, you’ll see that the year produced some pretty significant technological advances. From Google glasses to OLED television screens, there are at least ten attention-grabbing technology innovations that have people talking.

1. Google Glasses

Having Google at your fingertips on a smart phone, tablet, or computer is great, but now, Google Glasses bring information right before your eyes—literally. With these high-tech specs, users can see information right in front of them.

2. Miniature Tablets

Small tablets cause a big splash in 2012 with technology from Google as well as Apple.

3. Lytro Camera

With this wonder from down under, photographers can adjust a photo’s focus after it has already been taken. The camera captures light from multiple angles with a series of small lenses, so photographers can select different areas of the photo to change the focus.

4. Phone Sizes Grow

While tablets got smaller, smartphones got bigger. Samsung boasts the biggest contender with a 5.5-inch screen on the Galaxy Note II.

5. Spread of 4G

More smartphones started supporting 4G, and Long-Term Evolution (LTE) networks became more widely available.

6. Mac Retina Screens

While other companies focused on laptop chips, drives and lids, Apple focused on upgrading their screens. Even up close, users cannot see individual pixels on a Retina screen, which has incredible resolution courtesy of its more than five million pixels.

7. Music-Streaming

Why stockpile music when you can stream it? Music-streaming services like Spotify became wildly popular with music-lovers in 2012. Other similar services include Rdio, Rara, Telstra’s MOG, Sony’s Music Unlimited, Nokia Music and Microsoft’s Xbox Music.

8. Connected Cameras

With built-in 3G connections and/or wi-fi connections, amateur and professional photographers alike can instantly share their work directly from their cameras thanks to this new technology.

9. Instagram

While this trendy photo app originally launched in 2010, its use and popularity boomed in 2012. From July to August alone, the number of photos that were filtered and shared increased by 50 million.

10. OLED Television Screens

In the world of television technology, the creation of organic light-emitting diode televisions was a big step forward as viewers can now enjoy brighter pictures, higher contrast, smaller screen borders, and thinner forms.

What technology innovations caught your attention in 2012? To read more, check out the Herald Sun article by Jennifer Dudley-Nicholson.