2017 TechServe Alliance ConferenceThe annual TechServe Alliance Conference is a treasure trove of insight from top industry leaders in the IT staffing space and was attended by about 500 staffing executives from across the country. For MDI Group, TechServe Alliance is a powerful resource to help us invest in our team, from a sales perspective and an internal hiring perspective, and also for gaining industry knowledge. This year, Brian Knapp, Chief Administrative Officer at MDI, flew out to Arizona to spend time with industry leaders and discover what insights he could bring back to MDI.


Takeaway #1: Company Culture

At this year’s conference, there was a large focus on the topics of company culture and purpose. At MDI, we believe culture and purpose are the foundation of everything we do. Understanding the “why” of your organization is key to successfully supporting not only the goals of the organization itself but also the people, including internal employees, clients, consultants, and candidates.

Takeaway #2: Industry Evolution and Growth

The way in which we as consumers, whether personally or professionally, buy products and services is changing dramatically. We are much more concerned about the reputation of a company we’re buying from than ever before, particularly in the IT staffing sector. Nevertheless, the growth of the temporary staffing industry continues to rise dramatically as demand for talent soars. Simultaneously, many companies are beginning to recognize the difficulty of hiring highly experienced IT professionals, choosing to focus on training and development of less experienced hires instead.

Takeaway #3: Relationships

Deepening our relationships, with both new and existing clients and consultants, is of high value to our team at MDI. The people we talk to are constantly inundated with calls and emails, and it’s no surprise that more than half of those are never picked up or opened. The topic of personalization was a popular one at this year’s conference. Only when we prove that we have an intimate understanding of an individual’s goals and objectives can we truly begin the work of real relationship-building.

These three takeaways are just the tip of the iceberg. This year’s TechServe Conference very enlightening, and we can’t wait to go back next year.

We’d love to share more of our insights with you! Don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us today.

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