Do you need an edge to recruit the best IT talent for your project? Absolutely. Competition is fierce nationwide, as the unemployment rate in the IT sector is consistently less than the national average. Competition is especially prevalent here in Charlotte, with major companies like Bank of America, Duke Energy, TIAA CREF and Time Warner Cable competing for top IT talent.MDI Group Blog Jan

No matter where you are recruiting, there are three proven methods that will give you an advantage when attracting the top IT talent:

  1. Plan ahead
  2. Know the local market compensation for the skill set needed
  3. Sell the opportunity/challenges

How to Plan Ahead to Get Ahead

The key to getting ahead in this environment is beginning the recruitment process 3 to 6 months before your project start date. IT specialists are often recruited and committed to their next assignments before their current projects end, meaning there is often virtually no downtime between projects, and members of the IT workforce often aren’t available to start a new project immediately. Using this method, you are securing talent for your project in advance and preventing your competition from obtaining the best resources. 

The Advantage of Knowing Local Market Compensation

National averages are just that – average. If you really want to recruit the best IT talent, you need to know the nuances of your local market compensation rates. 

A lower cost of living, lower unemployment rate and stronger job growth than the national average all contribute to the competitive nature of retaining IT professionals in Charlotte. IT workers in Charlotte earn approximately the same income as the national average. However, if your goal is to recruit the top IT talent in Charlotte, the average compensation for the top 25% of IT earners jumps significantly. In fact, the top quartile of IT workers in Charlotte earn 8% to 27% above the national average, depending upon the job title and skill set. One way we help our clients is to provide important and relevant information (including details on local IT salaries compared to the national average). Specifically, this information can be found in our Salary Compensation and Hiring Guides.    

Sell the Opportunity and the Challenges

Top IT talent is not created overnight. These individuals constantly hone their craft by accepting challenging projects that advance their skill sets. To successfully recruit the best IT talent, you should create a project profile that sells the challenges and opportunities associated with your specific project, and how IT talent will benefit from adding this particular experience to their resumes. Taking a thoughtful approach to crafting the right project profile with this mindset will go a long way when approaching the best candidates.   

Shokie Banerjee is the managing director of MDI Group’s Charlotte office.  If you are interested in learning more about how to attract the best IT talent in Charlotte, contact Shokie directly at or call us 888-416-7949. MDI Group also has offices and specializes in recruiting IT talent in Atlanta, Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Greenville and Phoenix.