5 Favorite Cities for Tech JobsRegardless of where you call home, the tech industry remains a strong field in which to build a career. The Bureau of Labor Statistics pegs tech unemployment at just 2.9% nationwide, compared to the overall national rate of 4.7%. If you’re an IT professional, it’s likely your skills are in high demand. Organizations face increasing competition amidst swelling demand and rising salaries, especially as technology leaders focus on projects and initiatives in cybersecurity, big data, mobile and enterprise digitalization.

The IT industry is an exciting place to be, particularly in regions of the country where the tech scene thrives. At MDI, our national presence has revealed just how different each city’s metro area can be, depending upon the size of the population, key industries, and cost of living. Our own experience plus valuable data from the BLS, CompTIA and CareerBuilder give us insight into the best places to grow your IT career. Below we explore some of our favorite cities for tech jobs.

Atlanta, Georgia

Home to the world’s busiest airport, Atlanta is a thriving hub of business. In particular, the city and surrounding metropolitan area are ranked 5th in the nation of the largest IT employment clusters, with over 200,000 high-tech professionals. That healthy talent pool is in part due to a consistent flow of graduates from the Georgia Institute of Technology and Georgia State University. The city is also attracting a growing number of tech startups.

These factors help Georgia rank as the 11th best state for tech jobs. Average tech salaries in the area are substantial, and with a cost of living at just 0.6% above the national average, Atlanta is certainly an attractive option for many IT professionals.  For more market and salary insight in Atlanta, download our free 2017 Atlanta IT Compensation & Hiring Guide.

Charlotte, North Carolina

North Carolina is ranked in the top 15 for tech jobs and for expected IT employment growth, with 276,000 tech workers currently employed, representing a growth of 17% in the last 5 years. Charlotte itself accounts for approximately 60% of tech occupations in the state. It’s also interesting to note that Charlotte has become an increasingly popular place for Millennials to call home, at number one in the country for growth within this generation.

Charlotte, NC, also boasts a low cost of living, at 1.3% below the national average, as well as a collection of leading companies headquartered in the area, such as Microsoft, Oracle, and Time Warner Cable. These statistics position Charlotte nicely as a leading city for tech employment. Download our 2017 Charlotte IT Compensation & Hiring Guide here.

Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas

The tech industry in the Dallas-Fort Worth area is flourishing, ranked as the 2nd best state for tech jobs. It’s also one of the top markets for IT office space leasing, with over 300% year-over-year growth, suggesting that more and more tech companies are flocking to the North Texan region. Interestingly, it’s an area of great diversity and flexibility with regard to cost of living: Dallas is about 8.4% above the national average, while Fort Worth sits at just 2.2%. With IT salaries continuing to trend up, both cities looks very attractive to newcomers in the tech industry.

Indeed, besides aviation and the oil and energy industries, IT remains a strong driver of the Dallas-Fort Worth economy. With market competitors such as Oracle, IBM, HP, Dell, and more, it’s little surprise why this tech hub is thriving. For more information, check out our 2017 Dallas and Fort Worth Compensation and Hiring Guides.

Greenville, South Carolina

CompTIA’s most recent Cyberstates Report recently reported that the tech industry in South Carolina showed growth rates of approximately 4%, which is higher than the national average. Although the state is ranked lower for salary averages, at 21st nationally, the cost of living is significantly lower than the national average. Essentially, these statistics imply that Greenville is a hidden gem for building a tech career.

With the largest school system in the state and its proximity to Clemson University, Greenville is poised for a prosperous tech scene. If the same old city tech hubs like San Francisco, New York or Chicago aren’t your kind of thing, this is the place for you to build your IT career. Learn more by downloading our 2017 Greenville Compensation and Hiring Guide.

Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix continues to be dominated by the tourism industry and the IT industry. It’s a combination that makes the metro area an attractive place to do business, as evidenced by a number of top tech HQs in the area, including Intel, Amazon, Oracle and more.

In fact, many experts predict a healthy handful of Silicon Valley transplants to Phoenix within the next year, with some projecting it will become the next big tech hub in coming years. If that sounds exciting, then Phoenix is the place to be. Download our 2017 Phoenix Compensation and Hiring Guide for more info.

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Finding a place to call home that simultaneously nurtures your IT career can be a daunting process. But arming yourself with up-to-date market knowledge can help make the decision easy.

At MDI, we have the local expertise to help you out. Whether or not you’re relocating, our tech recruiters can provide in-depth salary research and time-tested search strategies to help you find the IT career of your dreams.

Check out our 2017 Compensation and Hiring Guides or search our IT opportunities today.

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