MDI Prayer BreakfastMDI Group Dallas recently had the opportunity to sponsor and attend the Dallas Fort Worth Technology Prayer Breakfast. The breakfast hosted over 700 technology leaders and was sponsored by over 70 companies, including reputable organizations like VM Ware, Oracle, HP Enterprise, Gartner and more.

The event was founded by Jeff Clement and is designed to encourage local tech professionals to share their perspectives on what it looks like to live out their Christian faith both at work and at home. The breakfast is a morning of fun but also of life-changing insight. Here are some of our key takeaways.

The Importance of Prioritizing God

The Prayer Breakfast was a true reconfirmation that each of us are called to fulltime ministry, even if we work in secular environments. Intentionally setting our priorities with God at the center, followed by our family and work, is instrumental in building the foundation of this ministry and developing corresponding personal mission statements.

Finding Strength Through Faith

None of us are strangers to trials and tests that inevitably enter our lives. Faith plays a huge role in sustaining our strength during those times. It motivates us and carries us through suffering. It also serves to broaden our minds and hearts to the needs of others. Creating a support and mentorship system that is founded on this faith is incredibly valuable and will strengthen us in times of need.

Don’t Be Afraid of Sharing Your Faith

The workplace can often be an intimidating place to share your faith and belief in God. But the truth is that there are practical ways to minister even in non-permissive environments. Aligning elements of our faith with more secular messaging is an effective way to do this. For example, the concept of integrity captures many of the same Christian values and is often much more accessible and appropriate for secular workplaces.

Hearing Our Call to Help Others

The Christian faith calls us to help others, but it’s easy to overlook this in our work lives. Being open to others, understanding their needs, and respecting their differing beliefs are critical pathways to helping our coworkers and colleagues. Even if they don’t believe in the power of prayer, most people will respond positively if you ask, “can I pray for you?”

Becoming More Effective Employees

As we continue to grow in our individual relationships with Christ, the clearer it becomes that the Christian life is one of discipline. A fulfilled life is one in which we work with integrity and with a focus on God. His love for us is what allows us to find meaning in our lives and our faith in Him is what enables us to become more effective employees. The DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast was an incredible opportunity to reveal how our relationship with Christ impacts our daily work and life.

Merv Tarde Image


From left to right: Jeff Clement (Managing Director of MDI Atlanta), Mark Stone (CIO of Texas A&M University System), Lisa Pierce and Abigail Pierce (daughter and granddaughter of Merv Tarde) at the induction of Mark into the Merv Tarde Values in Technology Leadership Circle recognizing those in the DFW Tech community who have invested back in the community as a result of putting their faith into action.



For more encouragement and information about this annual event, check out the DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast website.

Jeff Dean


Jeff Dean is the managing director of MDI Group’s Dallas/Fort Worth office.  If you are interested in learning more about how to attract the best IT talent in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, contact Jeff directly at or call us 888-416-7949.  MDI Group also has offices and specializes in recruiting IT talent in Atlanta, Austin, Charlotte, Greenville and Phoenix.