job interview 3Searching for the right candidate who will be the best fit for your open position has plenty of challenges. In fact, it could be argued that finding the wrong candidate is often a much easier feat. Here are five hiring practices that may cause you to hire the wrong person for the job.
1. Ignoring the Total Package

A candidate who has all the right skills may have other undesirable qualities that need to be taken into consideration before an offer is made. If you focus solely on one positive aspect of the candidate’s qualifications and ignore other red flags, you may wind up with the wrong fit. Conversely, if you come across a candidate who may be lacking some of the desired skills but has a great attitude, don’t simply write the candidate off without considering training options, taking the entire situation into account.
 2. Overselling Your Business

Most high-quality candidates do their own research prior to an interview, so chances are they already know what your business is all about. The right candidate should be able to recognize a good employment opportunity without having to be sold on it.
3. Reflexively Hiring Friends and Family

Hiring based on referrals can be a good practice. However, family members and close friends of your employees may come with overstated recommendations. Without establishing appropriate policies, you could increase your chances for interpersonal conflict by hiring family and friends within the same department.

4. Ignoring Your Gut Feeling

A gut feeling or reaction is a powerful tool to use during the hiring process. If you ignore an initial gut reaction to a candidate, not trusting your intuition and experience, you may end up offering the job to the wrong person.

5. Taking the Wrong Chance

Taking chances is simply part of the hiring process. However, there are some you should take and some you shouldn’t. Hiring someone with a long-standing history of poor attendance or leaving positions after only a few weeks for irrational reasons would most likely turn out to be the wrong chances to take.
The hiring process can often be risky business, and it’s sometimes a little too easy to end up with the wrong person for the job. However, working with an experienced staffing partner like MDI Group is a great way to help avoid making these easy mistakes, and you’ll increase your chances of hiring the right candidate who will be the best fit for your business needs.

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