Sales is a part of all jobs—even in IT. An IT professional may need to sell a strategy, an innovative idea, a solution, etc. Most organizations have at least one IT professional who acts as a liaison between IT and the business, and this role often looks a lot like sales because its primary functions include identifying customer needs, managing demand and pitching new ideas and services. Therefore, these IT professionals may need to adopt more of a sales mindset.

One thing IT can learn from sales is the “challenger” model. A common role in sales, the challenger encourages people to see things from a different perspective by engaging with people and educating them. In the IT world, the challenger can offer insight on how certain technology can boost the business’ competitive edge, productivity and efficiency. Challengers may also need to stand firm on why an idea might not be in the company’s best interest from a technology perspective and sell their reasoning to the business side. Overall, this model has been highly successful in sales and may be very beneficial for IT as well.

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