Reporting Backlog Solved by an Application Development Team


A multinational company that provides a broad range of solutions to manage human resources and employee effectiveness needs for more than 140,000 customers in 52 countries.


The client regularly creates custom reports for its customers and was buried under a backlog of over 400 requests. Without adequate resource bandwidth, the client could not reduce the backlog of requests while simultaneously fulfilling current ones. Major technical capacity upgrades were needed, and the fact that project teams were spread across four regions of the U.S. only added to the complexity of the situation.


To solve the reporting backlog problem, MDI assembled an application development team of six Crystal Reports and SQL developers and one project manager whose goal was to accomplishing the following objectives:

  • Analyze the backlog of reporting requirements
  • Develop the SQL stored procedures required to generate the reports
  • Design, develop and test the requested reports
  • Ensure the reports meet user and customer requirements


MDI’s solution reduced the custom-reports backlog by 75 percent and helped the client meet and exceed customer needs with increased reporting availability. The team also created high quality reports with rework rates of less than 10 percent. Due to the client’s satisfaction with the success and quality of the team’s work, MDI continued to assist with additional reporting services.