A Flexible Bench Model Helps Secure Fluctuating IT Resource Needs


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The client’s business caused frequent fluctuations in IT resource needs. MDI’s client repeatedly needed additional resources during the orientation process (on-boarding) for its own clients. However, the demand for additional headcount would diminish once the on-boarding process was complete. With such large and sudden fluctuations, the client faced the risk of sacrificing intellectual capital.


To address the fluctuating IT resource needs, MDI proposed and implemented a flexible bench model that would allow the client to pay a utilized rate for engaged consultants as well as a highly discounted, non-utilized rate for consultants who remained on the bench until they were needed.


Through the flexible bench model, MDI maintained 14 resources whose skill sets were mixed between development and quality assurance. This solution allowed the client to have cost and resource flexibility without sacrificing intellectual capital. Over the course of nine months, MDI’s solution helped the client reduce unnecessary resource expenses related to fluctuating needs as well as on-boarding and training of additional resources.