MDI Group’s Talent Development Program Succeeds in Identifying, Developing & Deploying Key Talent


A Phoenix-based health and wellness company dedicated to expanding their domestic operations and global markets. The client’s mission is to transform lives through delivering quality products and services that promote weight loss, energy, performance, healthy aging, and wealth creation.


The client’s IT Department is committed to creating solutions through key initiatives consisting of multiple projects. These projects aim to assist associates and clients with new apps that support effective communication and sales growth via a highly enhanced mobile experience.

The current team was tasked with addressing both maintenance and innovation development, however, the IT Department, who had been already understaffed for 18 months, did not have the specialized IT talent in-house to successfully drive projects forward.

With 10 or more openings at any given time, their traditional recruiting efforts provided little relief to the growing problem. They found it challenging to deliver new solutions in a timely manner, contributing to the company’s slower growth trajectory.


Through its ID2 talent development program, MDI Group proposed a solution that would leverage a pool of available resources that had been previously trained in specialized skill sets and then upskilled in client-specific skill requirements to fill the gap in their current talent pool. In less than five weeks, eight resources were identified, screened, and immersed in a 3-week concentrated curriculum. They were now ready to begin their assignment on-site with the client.

The focused and dedicated efforts of MDI Group’s ID2 program ensured effective onboarding, distribution and integration of the sourced talent into tenured teams. An on-going communication plan was also implemented to ensure successful delivery to ensure complete client satisfaction of the proposed solution.


In the spirit of entrepreneurism and innovation, the immersive training solution addressed the client’s staffing needs outside the traditional recruitment model, quickly securing eight key resources to effectively address the client’s IT initiatives. With the long-term option to hire these resources permanently and the prior time investment in onboarding, the client now has the ability to meet their financial expectations and set the stage for a positive growth trajectory. This is a win-win solution for all.