MDI Group proposes a remote-working solution to help client fill difficult Java developer position.


A transportation services provider that helps shippers, carriers and logistics service providers succeed in the North American transportation marketplace and has been in business for over 75 years. The client’s many roles include technology and service provider, alliance and technology partner as well as industry association.


The client needed a senior-level Java developer to work on some highly visible logistics applications, and the HR team had been actively searching for qualified candidates for over six months to no avail. Not only are Java developers particularly difficult to find in today’s market because the demand exceeds the supply, but several other factors contributed to the challenge:

• The client’s location is 45 minutes outside of Atlanta in an area with limited IT resources available, and there was no remote-working option.

• The client had never worked with a contractor and wanted to hire a full-time employee; however, most senior Java developers work only on contract. Those who were interested in full-time employment had salary requirements that exceeded the client’s budget.


MDI’s client manager drove to the client’s location to personally experience the drive and meet with the team to discuss the challenges in finding the right resources and to develop a best-fit solution. The client manager explained that many qualified Java developers are only available for contract and remote work. Therefore, MDI proposed engaging a senior-level contractor and allowing her to work remotely after an initial week of being on-site to meet the team and get oriented with the project. All subsequent meetings would be done through Skype or WebEx as necessary.


The client’s first experience with both a contractor and a remote-working option turned out to be a big success. MDI’s solution proved to be a more cost-effective model since commuting time can often drive up rates. The project was successfully completed within the six-month timeframe and within budget. Due to the overall success of the engagement, the client has requested to work with the MDI consultant again for additional projects.