cloud-computingCloud computing has become a household term in the world of IT, but identifying careers that are cloud-specific can be challenging. Some experts say that cloud roles with specific skill sets have yet to be defined; therefore, IT professionals seeking a cloud career may have to keep an open mind. However, there is at least one cloud-related certification that may merit premium pay.

As the definition for cloud computing becomes more and more inclusive, some say that it is time to take a new look at what a cloud career really entails. In the past, assessments of cloud roles included only a few titles, but that list has expanded significantly in recent years. Many skills are too broadly defined to be labeled as cloud-specific.  However, according to Foote Partners, an IT analyst firm, having an EMC Cloud Architect certification could be very beneficial. In fact, the role of cloud architect is expected to be an emerging and distinguished role as the cloud job market continues to develop and take shape.

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