Alignment between IT and the business is an increasingly frequent topic of discussion among executives as they evaluate ways to boost the bottom line and drive growth. In order for alignment to occur, IT professionals must have an understanding of the business in addition to technical knowledge and skills. Having business-savvy IT professionals as part of the team will be a significant competitive advantage for an organization as it looks ahead to what’s next.

More than ever before, companies are seeking business-savvy IT professionals. They look for prospective new hires who exhibit an interest in learning about the business rather than simply wanting to operate as an autonomous entity. Once IT has a more in-depth understanding of the business, it can more effectively partner with the business and be involved in strategic planning to drive growth and boost the bottom line.

IT will certainly continue to function as a supportive, internal service organization; however, IT can add even more value by becoming more proactive and looking for ways to remove work obstacles using technology solutions. This alignment will change the relationship between IT and the business, positioning IT as more of an ally and strategic partner.

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