The number of IT jobs in the United States continued to grow in August 2012, hitting yet another monthly all-time high of nearly 4.2 millon. But the number of students pursuing a career in technology is not keeping up with the unprecented growth in jobs.

However, some companies are coming up with new ideas to close this gap.

For example, Microsoft has created an education program aimed at getting high school students hooked on computer science, so they go on to pursue careers in the field. The program sponsors more than 100 top engineers from high-tech companies to volunteer teaching classes, up to four days a week. It’s a new approach to tackling a shortage of computer science graduates — one of the most serious issues facing the technology industry, and a broader challenge for the nation’s economy.

So are you doing anything to encourage young minds to explore a career in technology? Read more about Microsoft’s program and this new educational trend at