Blink News – December 2014

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Happy Holidays from MDI Group

We hope you enjoy the holiday season with family and friends, along with many smiles, home-cooked meals and lots of rest. Our team is grateful for the opportunity to partner with so many outstanding professionals and clients this year, and we look forward to “what’s next” and a prosperous new year with you in 2015.


Ella Marie Foundation Website Launch

MDI Group owner Ella Koscik started this charitable organization in 1998 to help people in our communities. The new website is designed to further enhance the organization’s ability to support healthcare initiatives, educational programs and the eradication of hunger. Read more

How to Prepare for and Ace a Phone Interview

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As the competitive nature of the IT industry continues to grow, phone interviews are becoming increasingly popular amongst employers as the initial step in the hiring process. This initial step allows hiring managers to speed up the hiring process by weeding out potential job candidates without having the expense and time of an in person interview.  On average, our technical recruiters screen hundreds of qualified candidates throughout the week and it is essential that candidates set themselves apart in order to advance in the hiring process. According to Business Insider, “More job candidates make initial contact with prospective employers via the telephone and the first 15 seconds either make or break the interview.” Job seekers should prepare by thoroughly researching the company and position before the phone call, showing their interest and willingness to learn will make a lasting impression on the interviewer and bring potential candidates one step closer to landing the coveted new job. Follow MDI Group’s tips below to ensure that you ace your next phone interview! Read more

Blink News – November 2014

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20 Years Ago: Netscape Navigator

Netscape Navigator, the first commercial Web browser, helped new surfers explore the Internet beginning in November 1994. Do you know what company’s lawsuit led to it’s demise? Read more

2015 IT Budget Forecast: Top 5 Areas for Increased Spending

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As budget plans for 2015 develop, IT leaders are striving to make other departments of their organizations aware of new technologies that can improve business processes and bring in new customers. As the economy continues to improve, CIOs are also optimistic that business leaders will support innovation in addition to just keeping the lights on.

Computerworld’s Annual Forecast Survey of IT Executives shows that IT budgets are indeed continuing to grow, as 43% of the 194 respondents expect to increase spending in 2015. That’s up from 36% in last year’s study. This year’s average anticipated uptick is 13.1%, and overall, the expected changes in IT budgets reported by all respondents average out to 4.3%. IT is expected to again kick up spending on security tools, customer-facing technologies and information exchange/collaboration technologies that comprise the so-called SMAC stack — social and mobile tools, analytic systems and cloud computing. Meanwhile, it’s likely that hardware spending will continue to drop and services budgets will continue to rise.

Here’s what IT leaders say will be their top budget priorities for 2015.

1. Security

High-profile security breaches and the explosion of mobile technologies have propelled security spending to the top of the IT priority list for 2015. Key issues that will receive funding for improvements include access control, intrusion prevention, identity management, and virus and malware protection. Security spending has been a constant growth area for the past decade, rising at double-digit rates every year.

2. Cloud Computing

Companies continue to move away from big infrastructure investments in favor of cloud-based systems. Organizations will spend more on software as a service (SaaS) and a mix of public, private, hybrid and community clouds in 2015. For many companies, migrating to the cloud doesn’t require new IT dollars — just a shift away from infrastructure spending. Small and midsize companies may need spend more for cloud services, but they may have the most to gain from the increased capabilities and lower maintenance needs of hosted systems.

3. Business Analytics

Big data is still a big deal for enterprises. Some 38% of the IT executives say they will dedicate IT dollars to enterprise analytics, data mining and business intelligence in the coming year.As the Internet of Things rolls out, there will be even more data on customers to manage. Businesses are scrambling to figure out how they can extract value from this valuable information.

4. Application Development

Mobile apps and upgrading or replacing applications will consume another large chunk of 2015 IT budgets. This area also represents the most potential for innovation, as business scramble to connect consumers with products and services in as many ways as can be imagined.

5. Wireless/Mobile

Mobile spending for 2015 will include new investments in RFID technology, remote access tools, Wi-Fi, mobile/wireless devices and mobile device management systems. Expect that the majority of spending won’t be on devices, but more on the infrastructure and custom application development for various platforms. Companies also plan to spend on technology to support bring-your-own-device programs — most notably the systems necessary to provide secure mobile access to internal systems.

Find out what areas won’t see a spending increase and the study write-up at

The Power of “Re:” Lessons in Strategic Leadership

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Leaders should always be evaluating the way things are done and looking for ways to do them better. When we were kids, we called it a “do over”; as serious adults, we need more syllables. Whether you call it reorganization, restructuring or realignment, changing the way you allocate resources and responsibilities is a necessary and valuable strategic tool leaders should use to move a business forward. In the staffing industry, restructuring is often done in a reactive way, not as a deliberate strategy. I am happy to share a few lessons learned from the experiences I’ve had taking a proactive approach to what is essentially an opportunity to reenergize an organization.

Read this full article on Staffing Stream.

Blink News – October 2014

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A Message from Our Owner

Ella Koscik, Chairperson and Owner of MDI Group, shares her outlook on our people, our community and good things to come in 2015.



6 Emerging New IT Roles for 2015

New IT roles will become essential for IT departments to keep pace with the growing list of critical business projects they support.

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TechServe Conference – November 4, 2014

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Ella Koscik, Founder and Chairperson of the Board for MDI Group, will moderate the following panel at the TechServe Alliance Conference and Tradeshow in Boca Raton, FL:

Promoting from Within: Insights from Industry Experts

Tuesday, November 4, 2014
1 – 2 p.m. ET

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6 Emerging New IT Roles for 2015

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The rapid pace of technology change isn’t slowing. Neither is the demand for talented IT professionals to support advancements such as virtualization, the cloud, service management and a focus on information management and collaboration. However, these advancements are creating the need for new roles that will become essential for IT departments to keep pace with the growing list of critical business projects they support.

Here are six new IT roles for 2015 and advice on how to find talent to fill them. Read more

A Message from Our Owner

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As we gear up for the fourth quarter of the year, our business is in an excellent position to ride the wave into 2015. That is due to each of our employees and consultants putting forth tremendous effort every day to ensure that we continue to meet our clients’ needs in the best possible way. It is their continuous dedication to ensuring the success of MDI Group that drives our optimism as we move into the final stretch of 2014. Let me share some of the reasons why.

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MDI Group Supports Blessings in a Backpack

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MDI GroupDSC_0783 is a proud supporter of The Woodward Academy chapter of Blessings in a Backpack. Each year, MDI Corporate and Atlanta donate jars of peanut butter to fill the backpacks of students from Mount Olive Elementary School in East Point, Georgia. “Over 66,000 children in 583 schools and in 45 states are currently being fed by Blessings in a Backpack” and MDI Group is honored to support this local cause. Read more