IT Professionals Enrolled in FastTrack’D Mobility Training Guaranteed Employment

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MDI Group Introduces First of Its Kind Training Program in Georgia, Designed to Meet High Demand for Java Developers

August 19, 2014 (ATLANTA, GA) – Today MDI Group, a leading national IT staffing and recruiting services provider, announces the debut of FastTrack’D, the first Java developer training program of its kind in Georgia. This training program was designed to cultivate a mobility skillset for IT professionals in high demand. By introducing FastTrack’D to the Atlanta market, MDI Group is serving its clients’ needs and playing an instrumental role in positioning Atlanta as a global hub for mobile technology. Read more

Blink News – August 2014


Wanted: Industry Training for the Mobility IT Workforce

When it comes to mobility IT professionals, hiring managers value employer training more than undergraduate degrees or post-graduate skill certifications, according to a new study conducted by MDI Group in Atlanta.


100+ Years Ago: First Telegram Circles the Globe

In August 1911, the first commercial telegram sent around the world traveled more than 28,000 miles and took 16.5 minutes (and 16 operators) to complete its journey. Can you guess who sent it and from where? Read more

New Study Reveals Industry-Specific Employer Training is Key for the Future of Atlanta’s Mobility IT Workforce

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MDI Group Identifies How to Cultivate IT Talent to Make Atlanta the Premier Global Hub for Mobile Technology

JULY 29, 2014 (ATLANTA, GA) – Today, MDI Group, a leading national IT staffing and recruiting services provider headquartered in Atlanta, announces the findings from its Atlanta Mobility IT Workforce study. The study was conducted in partnership with BlueFletch Mobile as part of the Metro Atlanta Chamber’s Mobility Taskforce initiative to position Atlanta as the premier global hub for mobile technology. Atlanta is currently among the fastest growing metropolitan areas for mobility resources, ranked #3 in the U.S. and #9 in the world, according to May 2014 LinkedIn data. Read more

What I Learned in High School

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By Ella Koscik

If you were anything like me as a teen, you probably didn’t think selling Christmas trees or yearbook ads would teach you critically important life skills like accountability, but you might be surprised. I just realized that recently when I was honored as a distinguished alumnus of my alma mater, Plum High School in Pennsylvania. While I might have earned straight A’s in socializing, who would have thought that all those C’s on my report card would one day put me at the podium as a guest of honor? As I thought about what to say to the current graduating class about my own high school years, three things stood out in my memory. Read more

Blink News – July 2014

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10 Best Places to Work in Technology

Find out which U.S. cities offer IT professionals the most “bang for the buck” considering pay rates, job opportunities and cost of living.


Universal Product Code (UPC) Turns 40

In the summer of 1974, the first UPC code is scanned at a grocery store in Ohio to purchase a pack of Juicy Fruit gum. Who was behind this technology’s humble beginning? Read more

10 Best Places to Work in Technology

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Every IT professional wants to know that they’re paid a fair market value for their particular skill sets and experience. Annual salary surveys quickly attract the attention of weary, over-worked staff and satisfied technologist alike. However, average pay rates don’t offer a perspective on other important quality-of-life factors for local areas, like the price of housing or the number of available jobs.

Now, research provided by CIO ranks the “Top 10 Cities for Technology Careers” by combining three critical factors – average IT salaries, available tech jobs and the cost of living index – to offer an informative ranking of the best places for IT professionals work and live. Read more

Blink News – June 2014

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Meeting the Demand for Java Developers
If you think you have to go outside the U.S. to find highly skilled Java Developers these days, then you haven’t heard of FastTrack’D.
The Computer Mouse Turns 50

Doug Engelbart is the “father of the computer mouse,” having built the first prototype in 1964 at his Stanford Research Institute research lab.   Read more

Mergers and Acquisitions: Elements of Successful Technology Integrations – 2014 Technology Executive Forum

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increase chartMDI Group recently hosted our 2014 Technology Executive Forum Series with events that took place in early May. The discussion topic was “Mergers and Acquisitions: Elements of Successful Technology Integrations,” and technology executives representing numerous organizations shared their perspective and insight on this critical topic in today’s IT industry.

MDI Group’s executive forums are invitation-only networking events, and no vendor or sponsor representatives are allowed to attend. The focus is to provide an environment that is conducive to sharing ideas and best practices for what’s next in technology. The following summarizes the discussion among attendees from our forum events. Read more

Blink News – May 2014

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2014 IT Salary Survey & Job Trends

A mix of technical skills and business savvy earn the best paying jobs in IT right now. That and many other findings are published in the 2014 salary survey from Computerworld.


Voice over IP Turns 40

In 1974, Network Voice Protocol (NVP) was first tested over Arpanet, which was the first implementation of Voice over IP (VoIP). Still, it took 30 years for commercial VoIP service providers to proliferate. Read more

Ella (Mortland) Koscik Inducted into the Plum High School Distinguished Alumni Class of 2014

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MDI Group Chairperson and Owner Recognized for Business Acumen and Community Service

ATLANTA, April 28, 2014 – MDI Group Inc., a leading national IT staffing and recruiting services provider, today announced its chairperson of the board and owner Ella (Mortland) Koscik has been inducted into the Plum High School Distinguished Alumni Class of 2014. Koscik was one of six inductees to be recognized during a banquet on April 27 at the Oakmont Country Club in Plum, PA, followed by a ceremony on April 28 at the Alumni Wall of Distinction on the Plum High School campus. Read more