Consultant Testimonials

At MDI Group, we understand that providing the absolute best service and support to our IT consultants enables us to deliver superior results to our clients. We are dedicated to taking care of our consultants, from finding them challenging and rewarding positions that match their career goals, to ensuring they receive timely feedback on all questions or concerns they have. The testimonials below are a small sampling of the feedback we’ve received from our consultants that we hope will provide you with a ‘feel’ for how we value our consultant relationships.

I would like to thank everyone at MDI Group for your wonderful effort in making sure that I was prepared for my interview. You were fantastic in everything. If there were a grade better than A+, I would give it to you and the staff at MDI Group. Pam is a wonderful person to work with; she made me feel comfortable and important. I am glad to have her as my recruiter. – W.S.

I would like to take the time to express my gratitude and commendation to MDI Group for their excellence as a company… In the past year I have been continually impressed with the quality of MDI Group through the professionalism and commitment of your employees. It is through their hard work and dedication that I am able to focus and concentrate on my job. In particular, I would like to recognize my technical recruiter. Every time I hear about someone who is looking for a new contract, I always put them in touch with her because I know she can be trusted to work hard in finding the perfect match between client and contractor. – G.M.

The MDI Group staff not only make me feel like I’m part of a winning team, but a member of a family as well. Unlike other so-called professional placement organizations, I speak with and see MDI Group Team Leaders and Account Managers weekly. I know that resolutions to any questions or problems that I have are only a phone call away. – C.C.

MDI Group gave me great confidence by assessing my abilities and finding promising opportunities within days of my first call. I was soon interviewed by a major technology company. I am pleased to say that I was hired sometime after that first interview – it was exactly what I was looking for. – L.D.

I am deeply indebted to you for your remarkable and highly professional approach. Indeed you exceeded all my expectations, not only delivering high quality recruiting service, but you went beyond your calling by participating in my grooming and preparation for every step of the interview process. I have never met a technical recruiter so committed to the success of their candidates. – Y.M.

Your dedication to developing and maintaining a meaningful, productive relationship was the single most important aspect to quickly finding the position that matched my skill set. It is a unique relationship to feel that, while I work for MDI Group, MDI Group works for me! – K.S.

As I began my job search, I contacted numerous agencies about possible employment opportunities. In all cases, after the initial interview I never heard from them unless I made the effort to contact my employment specialist. MDI Group was the exception to this rule. After the initial interview, my technical recruiter almost immediately matched my skill set with several job opportunities. Her professionalism and commitment to finding me the right job were impressive and refreshing.  – E.V.

I just wanted to send a note to all of you to say thanks for the work you do. I have talked and interviewed with many consulting firms and other businesses. I can truly say that MDI Group is a breath of fresh air. It seemed like you all made a special effort to make me feel part of the team. – J.B.

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