At MDI Group, we’re all about people. We believe it’s more fun to work with a company when you get to know the faces behind the scenes. That’s why we take every opportunity to show off our team of awesome employees. Every month, our blog features one of our dedicated consultants so you can get the inside scoop on who you’re working with. This month, say hello to George Brockman!

George BrockmanName: George Brockman, PMP

Position: Sr. Project Manager

Location: Birmingham, Alabama

Years with MDI Group: 1 ½

Professional Background in One Sentence: 20 year IT veteran with a migration from software development to leadership and management.

What’s a typical day like for you? Days vary from marathon meetings with stakeholders working to get people cooperating and communicating, to working through the piles of “administrivity” that keep projects on track.

What brought you to MDI Group?   A great opportunity working with placement professionals that knew how to find a good fit.  So many people get plugged into any slot hoping to find the right fit. MDI found the right fit for my skill set on the first try.

What’s the most rewarding part of your job?  The ability to work with two families – the one at the client company, as well as the MDI family.

What IT project have you been involved with most recently?  The biggest is the data historian upgrade that is touching each of the plants in the companies generation fleet.  We are upgrading the data collection points at each plant and migrating the historian central repository for the trading flow and maintenance groups. Essentially, every plant is centrally monitored for safety, the environment and efficiency.  Power is then bought and sold between power companies all across the US using the data going through these systems.

What advice do you have for someone just starting out in their IT career – what technologies or skills do you think they need to pursue to prepare for the future?  Take whatever hard skill (programming, networking, database, etc.) and work on discipline and soft skills (planning, communicating and relationship building) so that the value of what you get paid to do (hard skills) is amplified by how you do it (soft skills).

When not working, where can we expect to find you? I have 3 young adult daughters and a son in high school and have taught them as much about life as I can. Now, I learn as much about each of their very different careers just to keep growing and the conversations interesting.  In between, an occasional marathon session of “Walking Dead” or “Dr. Who” episodes just to show them their old man is still groovy.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself. If I am not reading, I am writing.  Finished my first book CYA+: Complete Your Accountability in 2015 and well on the way to my second book for rising managers.

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