At MDI Group, we’re all about people. We believe it’s more fun to work with a company when you get to know the faces behind the scenes. That’s why we take every opportunity to show off our team of awesome employees. Every month, our blog features one of our dedicated consultants so you can get the inside scoop on who you’re working with. This month, say hello to Holly Vinci!

Holly Vinci Consultant SpotlightPosition: IT Release Manager

Location: Addison, TX

Years with MDI Group: 7 months

Professional Background in One Sentence: Enthusiastic professional with 15+ years in IT with a proven ability to design and deliver complex solutions.

What’s a typical day like for youAlarm goes off at 4:45am; I am up by 4:47am. Personal hygiene ~1 ½ hours; drive in perilous Dallas traffic arriving at my office between 6:30 – 7am. Never know exactly what the day brings but I am ready for anything thrown my way;  typically work through the lunch hour but sometimes break on Wednesdays for a quick lunch with my wonderful husband then back to the grind. The hours go by without notice and never enough time in the day to complete everything on my plate. Back in the rat race by 5pm heading home. Prepare dinner for the family, walk the trustee pooch forever by my side. Light a fire, engage in lively conversation amongst the family – can always count on a hearty laugh, 2 or 3….wind down – hit the tempurpedic by 11 and get ready to do it all over again.

What brought you to MDI Group? New career opportunities.

What’s the most rewarding part of your job? The ability to implement process improvements across product teams and then being able to see the improvement on a global level.

What IT project have you been involved with most recently? Several efforts; Canadian market integration; Release process improvements; InTouch eComm 7.16 CA US Release to production; eSuite initiatives across several markets; Providing visibility into QA from a BTS perspective; Overall health & wellness of eBiz applications; Overall release process improvements across the Mary Kay organization.

What advice do you have for someone just starting out in their IT career – what technologies or skills do you think they need to pursue to prepare for the future? Endeavor to persevere; understand the global market demands on an IT organization; stand tall; make a difference.

When not working, where can we expect to find you? What are your interests and hobbies? You can expect to find me at home with my husband-Tim, rescue dog – Layla, Dad – Richard, Mom – Muggs and Best friend, “M” –  I love being home and spending time with friends & family.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself. I love all things miniature; I have a Swarovski collection of miniature figurines. I also love unique containers.

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