Master Vendor Program Helps Grocery Retailer Stock-up Savings on IT Staffing Expenditures


A grocery retail chain with over 200 stores and 15,500 employees across several states in the southeast.


With 10 vendors competing to fill requisitions simultaneously, the hiring managers faced myriad distractions and frustrations as there was no single point of contact for coordination and management. Vendor rates were inconsistent, and multiple vendor invoices made the process even more complicated. In addition, the client was receiving duplicate submittals on a regular basis, which caused delays and inefficiency.


MDI proposed a Master Vendor Program (MVP) solution to be the client’s preferred IT staffing partner. If MDI was unable to make submittals within 72 hours of a new requisition opening, it would then be opened to second-tier vendors. However, not many requisitions needed to be opened to second-tier vendors because MDI was swiftly submitting best-fit candidates.

To improve cost-efficiency, MDI set up an annual accumulated billing rebate system on a graduated scale that ranged between 1 – 8 percent, starting at $1 and capping at $3 million. MDI also created standardized on-boarding documentation to help new consultants acclimate quickly to the client’s systems and services.


In two and a half years, MDI met all service-level agreements and streamlined the client’s IT staffing processes by consolidating submittals and invoicing. MDI placed over 50 consultants in a wide range of positions including desktop support, data analysts, developers, infrastructure, project managers and business analysts.  Of these positions, approximately 80 percent were filled within an average of five days from start to finish. At one point, MDI’s consultants comprised one-fourth of the client’s entire IT department, and the client received an accumulated rebate of over $100,000 in one year.