As more and more employees connect multiple devices to their company’s network, the need for developing and securing mobility-friendly networks is increasing. Successfully managing a rapidly expanding mobile workforce requires an understanding of how mobile technology affects network connections and capabilities.
One way to reduce the strain on bandwidth and improve connection speeds is to restrict connectivity and closely monitor your network. Determining the distribution/access aspect of your network is crucial to maximizing network efficiency. Howard Weiss—field solutions team manager at CDW—suggests that you answer the following key questions to decide how to best configure your network for mobility needs:

  • What devices will have permission to access the network?
  • What type of data will the network transfer?
  • Who will access the network? Should a CEO have more privileges or better connection than a guest?

Answering these questions will also help you determine the best solutions for securing your network. For example, one thing you can do to improve security is to use a network access control (NAC) to set accessibility privileges. Once you determine who will have what type of access, there are various mobile device management (MDM) solutions that IT managers can use to control what data employees can access on their company-issued and personal devices.

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