Employee Spotlight: Ali VeldmanAt MDI, we work hard to create a nurturing culture and empowering employee experience. We know it’s the hard work and dedication of our people that makes us an Inavero Best of Staffing workplace and consistently deliver for our clients. It’s our goal to build a company people love. Want to know what that looks like behind the scenes? We recently caught up with Ali Veldman, Client Manager at our Dallas/Fort Worth location, and asked her what it’s like to work at MDI.

What do you find most interesting about working with the MDI team?

What I love about working with the team is that we all share the highs and the lows of this industry. Celebrating alone can be fun, but it’s a much better feeling celebrating with your team. Honestly, the lows can be very depressing, but having a team who understands helps diminish those lows. We all share an equal amount of accountability which helps us go the extra mile, and when we take part in those experiences it strengthens our sense of belonging.

What is it about your management team that attracted you to work at MDI?

When I was considering MDI, I realized that the management team was genuinely willing to invest in my growth and development. They made me feel like I was a real asset to the company.

What excited you about your last charity event with MDI?

I enjoy participating in the Meal on Wheels volunteer opportunity every other month, where we go out and deliver freshly prepared meals to Dallas County residents who can’t provide for themselves due to illness, advanced age or disability. I look forward to these charity events because it’s not only a great teambuilding but also without these meals, these seniors would struggle to get well fed.

What 3 qualities make someone successful at MDI?

I believe that honesty and integrity are essential qualities for success at MDI. Additionally, having a strong work ethic is important – this is not a 9-5 job and it requires a lot of work to establish your book of business. Finally, being financially motivated will help lead to success – this industry is very difficult but the rewards make it worth it.

What is your advice to new recruiters and salespeople?

To a new recruiter or salesperson, I would say be professionally persistent – you have to get creative when clients and candidates say no, and you have to learn to overcome objections in a professional way. I would also suggest that you have to be adaptable and never let yourself get too comfortable. There will be times where everything is going right but just as quickly they can go wrong. You have to learn to adapt to those situations because that will control your level of success. My final advice would be that time management is crucial in sales and recruiting – you have to learn how to organize your day that so that you are producing results and not just staying busy.

What cool incentives or perks keep you motivated in your work?

My favorite perk at MDI is the annual Presidents Club trip, which is awarded after obtaining a certain amount of gross margin and total placements throughout the year. I had the privilege of going on our Presidents Club trip this year after meeting the 2016 goals. It’s not like trips other companies offer as incentives; this was a lifetime experience at a 5-star hotel with our own butler! That trip was definitely a huge motivator for me to continue to work hard throughout the year.

What is the hardest part of your job, and how do you overcome it?

The toughest part of my job is managing clients and candidates. Managing the emotions that result from disappointment is the second hardest part. But I have discovered helpful ways to overcome the difficulties, including controlling what I can control, never letting myself get too comfortable, and learning from the disappointments.


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