Exploring the Tech Scene in AtlantaHome to the busiest airport in the world, Atlanta’s hub of activity isn’t limited to the airways. In fact, Glassdoor places Georgia’s capital at 24 in the list of top US cities for jobs, while Forbes claims that Atlanta is third out of five cities to become “tomorrow’s tech mecca,” ahead of Salt Lake City and Denver. Is it all just hype? Is Atlanta all it cracks up to be?

If you’re in IT, finding the best city to work in is vital, as it impacts what technologies are hot, how much you’ll get paid, and what opportunities will be available throughout your tech career. Whether you already live here or you’re thinking about relocating from somewhere else, here’s what you need to know about the tech scene in Atlanta.

Atlanta’s Impressive Employment Growth

While the national employment growth stands at 1.7%, Atlanta has seen continued growth since January 2016 and boasts a massive 3.6% year-over-year employment growth. In fact, Atlanta has the fastest-growing employment rate in the nation, as of early 2017.

Simultaneously, we see a 4.2% increase in wages and salaries in the Atlanta area, also topping the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ list of top metro areas. This is great news for professionals looking to grow their career in Atlanta. Job growth means high demand for your top talent, while growing wages means the employers are getting competitive.

Atlanta’s Tech Startup Community

Since 2010, IT jobs in Atlanta have grown in number by 46.7%, and much of that growth is thanks to the influx of tech startups. The area has an impressive number of tech incubators, including the oldest and largest startup incubator in the country – Georgia Tech’s Advanced Technology Development Center. Other hot startup hubs include the Atlanta Tech Village and Switchyards Downtown Club.

Some recent startups to come out of the Atlanta community are Pardot, SecureWorks, SilverPop, and Virtue Group, just to mention a few. This is significant because the health and strength of a city’s startup community is an important indicator of the future growth of the region. Startups attract diverse talent, spark innovation, and, in general, set the stage for continued prosperity. To see such a healthy startup scene in Atlanta is promising for both employers and employees alike.

Atlanta’s Tech Talent

Not only is Atlanta a rising leader in employment and technology growth, it ranks high in its supply of top IT professionals. The most recent CBRE tech talent report ranks the city at 9th in the nation for its tech talent pool, based on metrics such as talent supply, growth, concentration, cost, tech degrees, and industry and market outlooks.

This supply of talent is in part thanks to big-name companies that have drawn professionals from across the nation. Over 40 companies in Atlanta rank in the Fortune 1000 and 500, including The Home Depot, UPS, Coca-Cola, Delta Air Lines, and many more. Other sources of top talent are Atlanta’s schools, including Georgia Institute of Technology and Emory University, among others, that are pumping lots of tech graduates.

Atlanta’s Thriving Tech Scene

As mentioned, the city is already home to a long list of Fortune 1000 and 500 companies as well as a growing number of tech startups. In total, there are almost 2,000 tech companies in the area, attracting a diverse array of talent from across the country. It’s also worth mentioning that Atlanta is quickly becoming a major city for the fintech industry. The number of financial tech companies in the area accounts for about 60% of the entire US industry.

An added bonus is that Atlanta boasts its Google Fiber service, delivering internet speeds some 50 times faster than other networks in the nation. An even greater bonus is the fact that Atlanta is simply more affordable. Unlike the tech meccas of Silicon Valley and New York City, the cost of living is much more attainable. Overall, Realtor.com ranks Atlanta as #2 for the top tech towns to live in.

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