happy professionalsFort Worth, TX, Dallas, TX, and Charlotte, NC, were all named on a list of top ten best cities for job-seekers. This list was based on the following factors: population growth, income, unemployment rate and the cost of living. Taking these factors into account, these three cities made the cut when it comes to ideal locations for finding work.
Fort Worth and Charlotte—ranked number six and ten, respectively—were both noted for a recent rise in population and a relatively low cost of living. As number seven on the list, Dallas was noted for having both a low cost of living as well as a low unemployment rate. Frequently referred to as the “Silicon Prairie,” Dallas is a major player in the technology industry.
With a branch office in each of these high-ranking markets, MDI Group is ready to tackle what’s next in terms of IT staffing needs, seeking the best talent among IT professionals looking for work.

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