Many perks can be offered to entice top talent to accept a job offer, particularly here in Austin.  Local employers have been known to offer free catered lunches or chef services, flexible work schedules, open PTO policies, relaxed dress codes, group social, sporting and volunteering opportunities, mentoring programs and summer hours just to name a few.IT Pros

But make no mistake – compensation still ranks amongst the top factors when candidates decide whether a position is worth considering.

Last year Austin ranked number one as the best city for tech business and best environment, according to the Wall Street Journal.  We also offer our own brand of outside-the-box thinking.  And while Austin residents will be the first to tell you that money isn’t everything, there is no doubt that salary plays a pivotal role in the recruitment process here.  With a lower than average unemployment rate and a higher than average household income, the stakes are high for both IT talent and recruiters.  Add powerhouses like Dell, IBM, Apple, National Instruments, Accenture and Home Away into the mix, and the competition for the best IT professionals is aggressive.

The Best IT Talent, No Matter What the Role

Every tier within an organizational hierarchy includes people who excel in their field.  Paying the industry average can attract solid IT talent who can proficiently address the tasks at hand.  Average compensation may even attract up-and-coming talent within the field.  However, if your project requires an advanced skillset and your goal is to recruit an outstanding IT consultant who is considered to be the best within their area of expertise, know that these individuals are expecting compensation above the national average.

Compensation rates change quickly just like the weather here in Texas, and you need local market expertise to recruit the best IT talent.  Pay rates are based on the supply and demand at any given moment, and having an advisor who can make an economic forecast based on current market conditions can put you ahead of the game.  Because we specialize in IT staffing, MDI Group can provide a snapshot of the specific compensation rate for the particular skillset you’re looking for at any given moment.  This ensures that expectations are accurate and a successful recruitment process does not break down during compensation negotiations.

How to Get Accurate Compensation Numbers in Your Market

A comprehensive list of over 35 specific IT roles and how the compensate rates compare here in Austin to the national average can be found here in our IT Compensation and Hiring Guides by market.

A sample of some IT roles and the percentage compensation they earn above the national average in Austin includes:

  • Senior IT Level roles, such as CIO/CTO (+31%), VP (+34%) or Director of IT(+23%)
  • Mid-Level IT roles, such as a database manager (+20%), app development manager (+37%) or network manager (+25%)
  • Staff-Level IT roles, such as a business analyst (+18%), help desk (+11%), programmer (+19%) or software developer (+11%)

If you’re not sure whether your IT needs warrant recruiting IT talent at the top of the paygrade, our group can evaluate the skillset needed and make a thoughtful recommendation based on your long and short term goals.  Ultimately, a big part of finding the best fit is knowing what you need.


Daryl Fox is the Managing Director of MDI Group’s Austin, Texas office.  If you are interested in learning more about how to attract the best IT talent in the Austin area, contact Daryl directly at, or call us 888-416-7949.  MDI Group also has offices and specializes in recruiting IT talent in Atlanta, Charlotte, Dallas/Fort Worth, Greenville and Phoenix.