How Soaring Demand Impacts Your Search for IT TalentIf you think it’s difficult to hire IT talent now, fast forward to 2024, when CompTIA predicts there will be 1.8 million unfilled IT jobs across the nation. But amidst soaring demand, the struggle to fill jobs has already begun. Consider these three eye-opening statistics about the current state of IT hiring:

To adapt to these challenges, your search for IT talent needs to evolve accordingly. Below, we discuss some of the impacts and best practices that result from a growing demand for IT professionals.

Hard-to-Find IT Talent

With tech unemployment at a measly 2.5 percent, the pool of available IT talent is scarce. Some areas of technology are worse than others. In cybersecurity, for example, you’re looking at extremely high demand in response to an increasing number of hacks (recall Equifax and their recent data breach scandal), but this field is met with a zero percent unemployment rate. Other technical specialties facing similar challenges are data analytics, application development, cloud computing, and mobile and IoT development.

With fewer IT professionals actively looking for a new job, it’s up to employers to aggressively seek out passive candidates. To do this, they need a comprehensive understanding of their market, both regionally and in the specific area of IT. Cohesive recruitment marketing strategies are a must, some of which we address below.

Robust Employer Branding

In such a competitive market, IT professionals rarely have to worry about making enough money. Instead, when they consider taking a new job, as long your rates are competitive, they’re focused on factors such as the type of work it is, the opportunity for skills development, your company culture, flexibility, and more. This means that advertising a simple job description and skills requirements isn’t going to cut it.

Creating a robust employer brand that accurately reflects your culture, technology stack, benefits, and more is essential for attracting passive candidates. Marketing this brand through career webpages, social media, content marketing, email campaigns, advertising, and networking takes persistent effort, but it will build strong brand awareness in the candidates you are targeting.

A Streamlined Hiring Process

75 percent of hiring managers and tech recruiters claim that the time it takes to fill IT positions has increased exponentially over the past three years. There are several reasons for this, not least of which is the sheer difficulty in finding talent to fill the demand. However, many companies have lengthy hiring processes that are slowing down the time it takes to identify, screen, interview, and present a job offer to candidates.

The problem with a slow hiring process is that it often turns talented candidates away. Candidates will perceive the company as disorganized, wonder if there are bureaucratic issues internally, or simply conclude that the company isn’t interested in them. Because demand is so high, IT professionals have no problem dismissing the company and turning to other opportunities.

Flexibility in Requirements

In a competitive market, many companies need to realize that the “perfect” candidate is unlikely to appear. Unfortunately, a growing IT skills gap is permeating the industry, and no matter how hard you search for candidates, sometimes they simply do not exist. As such, it is necessary to have a clear understanding of which skills are vital to the role and which ones can be sacrificed.

Additionally, training and development programs will be key to solving the talent shortage. Whether you have an internal training program or you partner with a company like MDI with our ID2 talent development solution, companies should recognize the value in hiring less than “perfect” candidates.

Competitive Compensation

Inevitably, high demand leads to increases in salaries and hourly rates. Your compensation plan must be based upon accurate market research in order to both retain and attract top talent. Our 2017 Hiring Guides provide extensive data on current salaries in different areas of IT across the nation.

Additionally, be aware that many candidates are leveraging counter offers between employers. High demand means they are often faced with multiple job offers, and if the opportunities are equally attractive, the deciding factor is usually compensation. Now is the time the get competitive or risk losing top talent.

How’s your search for IT talent going? In many cases, partnering with an IT staffing firm can help you navigate the high demand and competitive market. At MDI Group, we are proud to be recognized as an Inavero Best of Staffing Client and Talent Award Winner in 2017. This is an award that proves the quality of our service to both our clients and our talent, even in a challenging market.

Let us know how we can help fulfill your hiring needs. Contact us today.

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