As the competitive nature of the IT industry continues to grow, phone interviews are becoming increasingly popular amongst employers as the initial step in the hiring process. This initial step allows hiring managers to speed up the hiring process by weeding out potential job candidates without having the expense and time of an in person interview.  On average, our technical recruiters screen hundreds of qualified candidates throughout the week and it is essential that candidates set themselves apart in order to advance in the hiring process. According to Business Insider, “More job candidates make initial contact with prospective employers via the telephone and the first 15 seconds either make or break the interview.” Job seekers should prepare by thoroughly researching the company and position before the phone call, showing their interest and willingness to learn will make a lasting impression on the interviewer and bring potential candidates one step closer to landing the coveted new job. Follow MDI Group’s tips below to ensure that you ace your next phone interview!

MDI Group’s Tips to Ensure That You Ace your Next Phone Interview
  • Answer with a hello, and state your name MDI Group Phone Interview Tips
    immediately after.
  • Still dress professionally for the interview to get yourself in an interview mind-set.
  • Have a print-out of your resume in front of you as you speak to the employer.
  • Give yourself enough time in case the interview goes longer than expected.
  • Smile while talking to portray positivity.
  • Be sure to ask for the interviewer’s contact information so you can send a thank you email afterward.
  • Use a landline to ensure the call won’t drop midway through the interview.
  • Answer the call from a quiet place.
  • Keep a glass of water next to you in case you get parched.

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