Here at MDI Group, we are proud to partner with clients and consultants who share our commitment toward giving back to the community. A recent story from our consultant, Chris Novak, brought an especially huge smile to our faces! zeke and dieter

Chris is a consultant at Sealed Air Corporation, a valued MDI Group client. In her spare time, Chris also works to train guide dogs that help people afflicted with a range of special needs. Most recently, with the help of her co-workers at Sealed Air, Chris trained Dieter (pictured here) to help him pass the AKC/CGC test. In a joint effort, Sealed Air allowed Chris to bring Dieter with her to the office every day as part of his training.

Chris and Dieter also worked on training with Chris’ nephew, Zeke, who is six years old and autistic. Zeke is happy to report that Dieter — thanks in part to the flexibility and support of Sealed Air — has passed his tests and is now ready to go “to work” of his own. Many thanks to Chris and Sealed Air for their support and work toward such an important effort – we are proud to be partnered with both of you!