Comprehensive Information Design Support Helps Client SAP Implementation Flow Smoothly


The world’s leading manufacturer, marketer and distributor of nearly 500 nonalcoholic beverage brands that employs more than 146,000 people world-wide and operates in more than 200 countries.


As the client implemented the full suite of SAP modules, it needed to develop comprehensive training and documentation materials for users. The implementation plan for designing training materials had very strict deadlines, so the training team needed to meet the client’s unique requirements with immediate productivity. The client needed a staffing partner to manage consultants’ daily tasks, as well as to provide overall project management and resource scheduling.


MDI provided a team of nine senior information design analysts to ensure that the implementation flowed smoothly from a training and documentation perspective.  The team’s responsibilities included:

  • Developing an overview of the entire system
  • Information design support for SAP navigation, functional areas and all activity-level and instructor-led courses

The team’s blended skill set was tailored to meet the client’s needs and included SAP knowledge, advanced instructional design and technical writing. MDI supplemented the team with the oversight of a delivery director to meet tight project deadlines and ensure success.


Due to the fact that a successful SAP implementation is dependent on adequate user training, the MDI team was critically monitored throughout the project. Results showed that the team produced top quality coursework and materials customized for individual user groups within the six-month project timeframe. With this customized solution, MDI enabled the client to maximize the investment in and effectiveness of the SAP tool.