IT professionals may be able to increase their base pay by eight to 13 percent by pursuing one or more of 23 certifications, according to a recent article in CIO online.

Certifications are a great way to show the IT industry employers, peers and recruiters that you are up to date and knowledgeable on the given topic and, in some cases, that can equate directly to more money in your pocket. But which certifications offer the most potential earnings and will be in demand over the coming years?   The Foote Research Group just released its quarterly 2012 IT Skills Demand and Pay Trends Report and its CEO David Foote spoke with about how you can use certifications to get employers to show you the money.

More and more companies are holding out for the IT pro who has the perfect skillset, which makes the certifications listed here among the most profitable due to industry demand. People with these certifications are getting paid a premium over what others in the same role without the certification are receiving. Premium skills pay is what Foote calls, “An additional monetary compensation or skills premium tied specifically to a certification [or skill].” Premium skills pay for the 23 certifications listed below is based upon a percentage of base salary. We’ve separated the list into three tiers from the lowest to highest.