IT SecuritySecurity is a big topic of discussion in the IT industry, and many IT professionals are looking ahead for what to expect in 2013. Experts continue to discuss security procedures, and they have identified a number of trends to watch for as security preparations are made.
Many businesses are discussing the practicalities of implementing solutions for effectively securing cloud and mobile technology. With the development of BYOD, some suggest that mobile devices may become more secure than corporate-owned laptops since there has been such a strong focus on safely mixing corporate and personal information on smartphones—an emphasis that has not necessarily been placed as heavily on company-issued computers. In addition, mobile app sandboxing is expected to see widespread adoption in 2013 as businesses seek to better protect their data.

While there are certainly positive security trends expected in 2013, businesses must also be aware of potential threats to guard against. For example, as advances in cloud technology are made, criminals could start using the cloud rather than botnets to launch DDoS attacks, which would widen their range for causing damage. IT industry professionals should also be on the lookout for an increase in cross-platform attacks due to vulnerabilities in Java and Flash. Additionally, businesses will need to keep an eye out for malware attacks targeting critical infrastructure systems as well as hackers who target QR codes, TecTiles and digital wallets.  

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