According to some experts, the days of the traditional Chief Information Officer role may be numbered. As technological advances change the way companies operate, the role of the CIO will have to adapt. The CEO of Constellation Research suggests that this adaptation will result in the formation of four new personas for the CIO: Chief Innovation Officer, Chief Infrastructure Officer, Chief Integration Officer, and Chief Intelligence Officer.

Traditionally, the CIO has functioned as the link between technology acquisition and business strategy, but this is changing. The need for centralized coordination is growing as the business environment becomes more decentralized. Enter the budding role(s) of the CIO.

Each of the four CIO personas plays a part in defining what the CIO role should look like. The chief innovation officer will oversee initiatives such as mobility and analytics. The chief infrastructure officer will focus on developing infrastructure services. The chief integration officer will coordinate blending in-house operations with outside services. Finally, the chief intelligence officer will play a key role in helping the company move beyond data to making decisions.

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