Everyone agrees that IT is critical to an organization’s success – some even argue that their IT department should be classified a profit center rather than a cost center.  No matter how companies categorize the costs associated with IT, it seems as though everyone is tasked with doing more with less.  While a primary method for making company initiatives possible is through investments in technology, there is always the inevitable task of justifying the costs associated with the IT talent necessary to make company initiatives a reality. Y01VDYAX63

As your IT department tackles daily challenges and long-term initiatives, here are three ways to make a strong case on how hiring the right IT talent will be a catalyst for your company’s success.  

Show Clear Alignment with Company Goals  

Of course you are accountable for results for your IT department.  But showing how your organization’s tech investment – including investing in your people – will provide a solid ROI for the company, you need to show a strong correlation between your IT initiatives and the overall company goals.  This includes illustrating how engaging best-fit, high-quality talent can facilitate completing an IT project on time to maximize an organization’s success.  For example, are you making a positive impact on the company’s profitability goal by shortening the sales cycle within the fiscal year, rather than experiencing project delays due to under-staffing?  Can you increase customer satisfaction and lower churn rates with more efficient, user-friendly processes?  No doubt that when your IT group’s initiatives are closely aligned with company goals, you can demonstrate how IT labor can be a strategic mechanism of growth and profitability for your company – as opposed to just a “cost to support the business.”

Explain How Your Strategy Maximizes Efficiency and Reduces Risk

Your staffing strategy should be a thoughtful blend of full-time and contract talent.  Show how your strategy provides flexibility to adjust your staff size based on current business requirements.  By supplementing your FTE employees with consultants, you can fill in talent gaps based on short-term goals. This strategy also reduces risks associated with a bad hire, with the option to retain employees that can add value to your business on a permanent basis.   

While keeping IT staffing costs down with a streamlined department, timing can be everything when scaling up for an initiative.  There are hard costs associated with tackling an IT project without the right IT talent in place.  Mistakes early in the project lifecycle, during the early design and requirements phase, will snowball into hard costs as the project matures.  Although not as obvious, these costs will impact the business.  The right talent in place at the right time will reduce risks associated with missed deadlines, system downtime and opportunity costs.   

Show Initiative: Fuel Innovation and Growth

While “keeping the lights on” is a critical function of any IT department, it is even more imperative to innovate in order to provide creative IT solutions for your business customers.  But to provide boosts in innovation, your IT workforce needs the freedom to think beyond the daily grind of tasks and deadlines.  Significant data shows that heavy workloads not only stifle creativity, but also cause more stress, sick days, reduced productivity and higher turnover – ultimately leading to increased costs for organizations.  Freshening up project teams with new talent helps fuel innovation, morale and retention of FTE employees.  It also helps to bring in new ideas and provides an opportunity to share best practices.   

Overall, your task as a hiring manager is to support company goals AND your IT department by implementing a strategy that allows your department to work smarter, not harder.  By elevating the importance of IT talent, you will be showing an unambiguous path to profitability.  As a staffing agency that specializes in IT talent, we can help show how your company can leverage their IT talent as a strategic mechanism of growth and profitability.

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