MDI Group wishes to express its sincere appreciation for the opportunity to participate in the Accenture Diverse Supplier Development Program for 2012. This is the third year and class conducted by Accenture. MDI Group received its Certificate of Completion on November 9, 2012.

The program provided two Accenture mentors who provided skillful guidance related to MDI Group’s strategic objectives of (1) hiring and developing internal staff for leadership roles and (2) enhancing the company’s service fulfillment models to address the varying needs of our client base. By participating in the program, MDI Group also benefited from numerous subject matter experts who provided additional perspectives on Accenture’s approach to various functional areas of the business.

As a result of this program, MDI Group has benefited in several ways including:

HR related best practices

  • Leadership coaching and development through 360 evaluation
  • Implemented an Employee Engagement Exercise based on Accenture’s model

Operations best practices

  • Implemented client segmentation as part of our sales and fulfillment dashboard
  • Realignment of resources to support client needs and to improve profitability

Business growth and development

  • Established new relationships and with other DSDP III program protégés
  • Refined the skill set desired for hiring our new VP of Client Services

MDI Group has already implemented some of the best practices discussed in the program for many functional areas of its business.  These best practices will create more business opportunities, better service efficiency and overall improved employee satisfaction.