Once upon a time, golf was known as man’s game. Though that perception has gently shifted over the years, it doesn’t change the fact that many women are apprehensive about getting on the golf course. At MDI Group, there are plans to change that.

Working in the staffing and recruiting sector, a salesperson’s day is typically filled with phone calls and emails. But Ella Koscik, Owner and CEO of MDI Group, recognizes that golf can be an important touchpoint in the client-partner journey, creating face-to-face interaction that can lead to greater success.

Ella’s own love of golf was encouraged by client Lee Crump, Group Vice President and CIO of Rollins, Inc., who is a true advocate for getting women in the game. Lee says, “Golf, especially for women, is a wonderful way to have fun and build relationships with prospects and clients. The obvious benefit is the relationship building, but there are other more subtle benefits. Playing a round of golf with someone allows you to gauge and understand who they are as a person and what they will be like to work with.”

Driven by her mission to invest in her employees, Ella and MDI Group recently organized a golfing clinic event for 17 of MDI’s saleswomen. Held at the St Ives Country Club in Johns Creek, Georgia, these women spent two days learning the fundamentals of golf and practicing their lessons on the driving range.

Not surprisingly, some of the team was apprehensive about the trip. From knowing what to wear to knowing how to swing a golf club, getting comfortable with the game of golf took significant effort. However, the event was fun and insightful, and many of the women who participated came to realize that golf in business is not about how good your game is. In fact, even the pros can suddenly find themselves hitting terrible shots. Karen Vaughn-Hanson, Managing Director at MDI Atlanta, compared the highs and lows of golf to the highs and lows of staffing; even the most experienced salespeople can have days where they lose ground and miss the mark.

Mollie Boney, Director of Instruction, at St Ives Country Club, commented, “We truly enjoyed hosting MDI here at St Ives. Golf is an outstanding networking tool for the working woman. Whether it’s bonding with new clients or spending time with current colleagues, an afternoon on the golf course can be extremely beneficial for one’s career.”

Billy Jack, Head Golf Pro at St Ives, agrees: “We had a great time working with all the girls at MDI. Golf is a game of a lifetime, and it’s amazing how much business can be done on the course.”

With many of MDI’s clients regularly participating in the game – and often holding tournaments – Ella Koscik believes this women’s golf clinic is invaluable to the company’s continued success. Her advice for women who want to gain more confidence on the golf course is that it’s important to gain a basic understanding of the fundamentals of the game and its etiquette. Getting out on the driving range to practice is also important. Beyond that, she says, “just get out there!” Knowing that every golfer, regardless of experience, has both good shots and bad shots is a great confidence booster.