September 25, 2010 | MDI Group, a leading provider of IT workforce solutions to mid-sized to Fortune 500 clients nationwide, today announced its sponsorship of the Water for Our World (WFOW) Second Annual “World Champions Honor Champions of the World” gala on November 13, 2010. The unique event features world champion athlete and WFOW honorary chair Seth Joyner, poised to welcome WFOW supporters and honor the work of an unsuspecting “Champion of the World” at the five-diamond Fairmont Scottsdale Princess resort.

The November fundraising event enables WFOW to secure financial resources necessary to provide clean water for the thirsty in Sierra Leone, Uganda, India, Ethiopia, Nicaragua, Peru, Ghana, and Haiti. Closer to home, the organization has provided more than 100,000 bottles of water to the homeless and to shut-ins through the cooperative efforts of the Salvation Army and St. Mary’s Food Bank.

MDI Group’s gala sponsorship builds on its growing corporate support of the Water for Our World organization over the past two years. Says Connie Chiasson, MDI Group President, “MDI Group has always been heavily involved in both volunteer and financial support of philanthropies around the country and now, around the globe – it’s something that’s always been extremely important to our CEO Ella Koscik and each of our branch offices has really taken that corporate culture to heart in supporting causes that are meaningful to them.”

Chiasson continued, “MDI’s support of this particular organization is really the product of the fantastic commitment of one of our Phoenix Client Managers, Allan Dunn, who serves on the group’s Board of Directors and is a team lead for its Rock and Roll Marathon Team. Allan’s heartfelt dedication is really what’s spearheaded MDI’s participation. We’re just honored to support a group that literally blazes their own trails in the heart of the jungle to better the lives of others by providing new wells and safe drinking water – that’s really the heart of charity in the truest sense.”

Says Dunn, “We work to provide clean drinking water through wells in areas in which thousands die each year from thirst, primarily in Africa. In 2010, one of our project goals has been to dig a well for the village of Pasikula, which has never had fresh safe water. It’s located in the Tororo district of Eastern Uganda, in a border town between Uganda and Kenya. It lacks basic clean water and the children and community suffer from extreme poverty and disease. More than 1,950 villagers living in Pasikula walk more than two kilometers each way, every day, to access a polluted natural spring located in the village. With the clean water provided by the well from Water for the World, more than 400 students at a local school will also benefit from access to safe, fresh water. This organization is wholly committed to providing what might be the most basic human need – I’m really honored to be a part of that.”

About Water for Our World
Founded in 2007 as a non-profit organization committed to giving life, love, and hope through water, Water for Our World raises awareness and creates strategic partnerships that make it possible for the one billion thirsty people to gain access to the most fundamental element of life – water. Providing clean drinking water gives life to millions of people who are thirsty and dying around the world; when the world’s water crisis is addressed, the pain of disease, hunger, and suffering diminish and hope is restored. More at


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