As we gear up for the fourth quarter of the year, our business is in an excellent position to ride the wave into 2015. That is due to each of our employees and consultants putting forth tremendous effort every day to ensure that we continue to meet our clients’ needs in the best possible way. It is their continuous dedication to ensuring the success of MDI Group that drives our optimism as we move into the final stretch of 2014. Let me share some of the reasons why.

The Right People. First and foremost, it always comes down to people. The one constant that I’ve seen over the years, no matter what the economic situation or outlook, is the need for the right talent. When you hire the right people and encourage them to do their best, you can’t lose. That’s why we are so fortunate to be working with such talented people, and why we are so committed to continuing to foster the professional development of employees and consultants through our training and development program.

Market Landscape. IT employment has grown steadily every month for the past 12 months. According to the most recent data from TechServe Alliance, the number of IT jobs grew 0.2% sequentially in August to 4,685,000. On a year-over-year basis, IT employment has grown 3.5% since August 2013, adding 158,900 IT workers. Overall, with a few fits and starts, the unemployment rate has dropped fairly steadily from about 8% a year ago to 6.1% now. Unemployment among college grads is even lower, and we all know that demand remains high in IT. With the fourth quarter historically the most robust in our business, we can expect to be incredibly busy over the coming months. That’s definitely good news. I won’t suggest that anyone take a step back from business opportunities, but I encourage each of you to examine ways to balance the priorities in your life. Make time for all the good things that come your way. When you do that, not only do you get more enjoyment out of every day, the other people in your life, our community and MDI Group all benefit.

Our Community. MDI Group has a long-standing tradition of outreach to our community. Recently, we were privileged to support a resolution by the U.S. Conference of Mayors, helping feed children in 55 communities across the country on National Blessings in a Backpack Day.

Closing Thoughts. I have seen an enormous amount of change within the industry over the past 20 years. Sophistication in technology has certainly grown, altering the way we do things, but at the end of the day, our strength relies not on cool tools or hot trends but on people. MDI Group is a great place for great people to work, and we are always on the lookout for outstanding internal talent and consultants who know they are truly valued. We stay strong by continuously building on our relationships with clients. We respect them and pride ourselves on knowing whom we work with and what problems they face on a daily basis. Solving those problems is what we do, and we look forward to the continued partnership in 2015. Thank you for making it all possible. We are excited for you to see our path forward in 2015, your part in it and what’s next for all of us.

With appreciation always,

Ella Koscik
Board Chair & Owner

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