Action Plan and Quality Assurance Strategy for a Fortune 500 Communications Provider


A Fortune 500 communications provider with over 240,000 employees worldwide and $126.7 billion in consolidated revenue.


Without a standardized quality assurance (QA) process in place, the client’s data warehousing team couldn’t keep up with the high demand for standard and specialty reports. Poor report quality issues had also been noted by functional users.


MDI was engaged to align processes, people and tools to create a standardized, streamlined and sustainable QA approach. MDI spent two weeks on-site interviewing team members, management and external clients to evaluate the client’s existing organizational structure, processes and tools. Gaps were identified, and MDI developed a prospective model based on best practices and the company’s environment. In the final report, MDI included detailed recommendations as well as a 30, 60 and 90-day implementation plan.


MDI’s solution gave the client a measurable and repeatable QA action plan and strategy for documenting and tracking reporting processes. With more efficient ways to isolate and prioritize standard reporting jobs, overall processing improved. Productivity also dramatically increased due to the implementation of an orientation program for new resources and a training development plan for existing team members.