MDI Delivers at the Buzzer for Television Broadcast Client


A leading broadcasting company that creates and programs branded news, entertainment, animation, young adult and sports media environments on television and other platforms for consumers around the world with over $620 million in revenue.


The client was to manage the website and game streaming for the 2011 NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament. Five weeks before the tournament was to begin, development and testing of the March Madness website were far behind schedule. The urgent quality assurance testing needs included intensive applications such as online video streaming, social media experience and other Web-based sports applications. Interactive advertisements from national sponsors also needed testing on multiple platforms to assure they were executed properly.


MDI’s in-house service delivery team created a custom proprietary candidate screening program to find QA specialists who had exceptional problem-solving skills under pressure and strict deadlines for analytical, Web-based and user interface issues. With this program, MDI recruiters put together a team of QA resources to work ten hour shifts, six days a week for three weeks straight.


MDI’s QA team identified and logged more than 200 issues in all, retested all issues after corrective actions were performed and certified that the issues were resolved before the March 15th go-live deadline. The website had no performance glitches during the tournament and sponsors that included Coke Zero, PowerAde, SAP and the History Channel were satisfied with the results of their interactive advertisement campaigns.