Testing Performance of a Web-based Order Processing System


A Fortune 500 communications provider with over 240,000 employees worldwide and $126.7 billion in consolidated revenue.


The client had hired a consultant from a large consulting company to develop a performance load testing strategy and test plans for its proprietary Web-interfaced system used for order requests, order processing and report processing. However, when the engagement ended abruptly, there was neither a documented scope of work nor any level of knowledge transfer to the client. As a result, performance testing on the system remained incomplete, and the status of work performed to-date was unknown.


MDI was engaged to provide Quality Assurance with the following services:

  • Study the system and work with business and development teams to determine performance targets
  • Gather work that was completed by the prior consultant
  • Assess the existing status including test plan, script coverage and completeness
  • Review and complete the Mercury LoadRunner product configuration

MDI proceeded to perform a gap analysis and create a plan to complete all remaining components in order to execute a comprehensive performance test plan for the system.


Working with the client’s internal development team, MDI devised and created necessary scripts in line with performance targets,executed and refined the scripts and resolved all outstanding issues. MDI documented the scope of work, delivered a final test report and optimized the system to meet the client’s specific performance needs. The client benefited from an accurate and effective performance test plan that had minimal impact on their current activities. MDI also executed a complete knowledge transfer to ensure the client was able to maintain the scripts independently.