Competition to hire the best IT professionals is fierce. A major – and often overlooked – factor that affects your ability to attract the best IT talent is timing. The window of opportunity to hire talent between projects is very small – if there is any opening at all. Recruiting the best IT talent means selling job opportunities to candidates at the right time to meet both their schedule and yours.

Gain access to top talent while stifling the competitionpeople-woman-coffee-meeting

How can you navigate through this very small window of opportunity and gain access to the best IT talent? The key to getting a leg-up is beginning the recruitment process 3 to 6 months before the project start date. Based on survey data, market research and our extensive firsthand experience, talent searches begun within that timeframe will positively affect the quality of the talent you are able to attract. In essence, candidates can be “pipelined” well in advance of your project needs. Under this model, not only are you securing the best IT talent for your own projects, but you are also effectively closing the window of opportunity for your competition to access to the best IT talent.

Hiring managers shouldn’t wait until a project is ready to kick off before contacting IT staffing partners because the demand for IT professionals is so great, the best talent is not available for very long between projects. In fact, talent is often recruited and committed to their next assignment before their current project ends. These small or nonexistent windows of opportunity can lead to longer recruiting cycles and cause unwanted delays for your project start dates.

Proper resource planning is just one of the key areas of the recruiting process where worker quality is affected. If you are interested in learning more about how to attract the best IT talent in Atlanta, call us 888-416-7949. MDI Group also has offices and specializes in recruiting IT talent in Austin, Charlotte, Dallas, Fort Worth, Greenville and Phoenix.