Phoenix SkylineAccording to a recent article in the Phoenix Business Journal, Phoenix ranks number four on the list of top five markets with growing tech salaries. In the Phoenix market specifically, tech salaries have recently increased by 11.5 percent, and they have seen an overall 5.3 percent increase nationwide, explains Angela Gonzales. With salaries on the rise, tech professionals looking for work may want to consider looking into this market.

Not only is the tech market doing well, but Phoenix has other appealing qualities for job-seekers to consider. For example, Adam Kress explains that Phoenix is listed as one of the fastest-growing cities in America when measured by the rate of population growth, rate of job growth, and the rate of gross metro product/economic growth.
As an experienced staffing partner with over 13 years in this market, MDI’s Phoenix branch office provides market-specific insight and IT workforce solutions for local organizations as they tackle what’s next in terms of emerging technology projects.
To read more, check out Gonzales’ article as well as Kress’ article in the Phoenix Business Journal.