The only constant here in Charlotte is change as our metro area conShokie Blog Imagetinues to grow by leaps and bounds. Despite all the changes, one thing is the same: The demand for IT talent remains high. Although we have seen rapid population growth in the metro area, demand is still outpacing supply for IT talent here in Charlotte.  The unemployment rate for the IT sector (3.4 percent) is still well below the national unemployment rate (5 percent).

What does this mean for hiring managers trying to recruit the best IT talent available?  Not only should hiring managers arm themselves with the latest compensation data for specific roles – they need to know the difference between the average compensation and what it takes to recruit top talent.  It’s also smart to ensure the compensation for their current IT talent is on par with local rates to avoid losing key team members.

Because the truth is, not only is it challenging to recruit, it’s hard to retain your top IT talent.  Many local IT professionals who are not active job seekers are still frequently offered job opportunities.  And top IT talent gets paid a premium.  With a lower unemployment rate across all industries and much stronger job growth than the national average, it’s no surprise that the top performing IT professionals in Charlotte earn 5 – 33 percent more than the average candidate for IT roles.

Below is a sample of five in-demand IT positions here in Charlotte and the percentage increase required to recruit the top IT talent for these roles:


Job Title

Average Compensation in Charlotte Compensation to Recruit Top Talent (Top 25% of earners) Percentage Increase Needed to Recruit Top Talent
Technical Support Manager $95,747 $127,000 +33 percent
Internet Manager $93,360 $118,000 +26 percent
IT Manager $112,586 $140,000 +24 percent
Project Manager $96,974 $120,000 +24 percent
Information Security Manager $113,440 $140,000 +23 percent


Want to know more?  A comprehensive list that includes over thirty IT roles – including senior level, mid-level and staff level positions – along with the average compensation in Charlotte and the percentage variation for top earners can be found in MDI Group’s 2016 IT Compensation & Hiring Guide.

Knowledge is power when competing for IT talent, and in-depth local market knowledge will help you attract and retain the best IT talent available.

Shokie Banerjee is the managing director of MDI Group’s Charlotte office.  If you are interested in learning more about how to attract the best IT talent in Charlotte, contact Shokie directly at or call us 888-416-7949.  MDI Group also has offices and specializes in recruiting IT talent in Atlanta, Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Greenville and Phoenix.