With the constant development of new technology and the upcoming mandatory ICD-10 migration, healthcare IT (HIT) is a thriving industry for IT professionals. Individuals with developer and programming skills in particular will find their expertise in high demand and therefore may want to consider HIT when looking for work. CIO.com recently published a slideshow that lists the Top 10 developer and programming skills including average salary and number of jobs available per skill set.

1. SQL

Salary: $95,000
Jobs: 6,571

By allowing developers to insert query, adjust data and modify schema creation and data access control, SQL is a critical skill for HIT. It helps server administrators maintain and audit database systems where data is stored in SQL format.

2. Java

Salary: $98,000
Jobs: 3,398

With its “write once, run anywhere” (WORA) capability, Java is a critical skill for developers to have. When it comes to HIT, Java is often used to develop embedded devices, remote patient monitoring applications, as well as diverse and robust sensors.


Salary: $81,000
Jobs: 1,732

HTML and HTML5 are foundational building blocks for building web pages and applications. Applications created with HTML5 allow healthcare professionals to access data regardless of the device they use, which increases efficiency.

4. JavaScript

Salary: $83,000
Jobs: 1,471

Having evolved into a prototype-based scripting language, JavaScript is used to develop healthcare applications along with other languages such as HTML5 and CSS3.

5. XML

Salary: $83,000
Jobs: 1,463

Because it provides standard architecture for how documents are encoded, XML increases interoperability and enables healthcare systems to share important information such a patient records.

6. C#

Salary: $93,000
Jobs: 1,450

This multi-paradigm language enables developers to create advanced applications such as electronic medical records (EMR) systems, laboratory information management systems (LIMS), and EMR alerting systems.

7. C++

Salary: $96,000
Jobs: 757

C++ is specifically used in the healthcare industry to provide internal functionality for medical imaging analysis devices as well as back-end programming of HIS systems.


Salary: $88,000
Jobs: 754

In the healthcare industry, ASP.NET is used for creating and implementing web-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application suites, electronic payment processing systems and healthcare data management systems.

9. PHP

Salary: $81,000
Jobs: 624

In HIT, PHP is frequently used to create web-based secure electronic health record management applications.

10. C

Salary: $95,000
Jobs: 563

Since many healthcare institutions still use computers that run UNIX, C programming skills are still in demand even though it is the oldest programming language on the list.

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What are the top skills to have in healthcare IT? To read more, check out the slideshow at CIO.com.