As the economy continues to recover from the last recession, IT professionals are looking ahead when it comes to developing their skills to ensure job stability.  In the field of information technology, professionals who want to keep working are faced with a paradoxical challenge.  Not only do they have to hone specific skills, but they also have to be versatile and maintain the ability to expand their expertise.

Technology trends evolve at a rapid rate. So how does the future-focused IT professional keep up and stay ready for what’s next? The following twelve IT jobs are “indispensable in today’s economic climate” according to one author. Having skills in these fields will be crucial in the years to come no matter the state of the economy.

  1. Cybersecurity
  2. Healthcare
  3. Gaming
  4. Mobile Development
  5. Big Data/Analytics
  6. TeleCommunications & UC
  7. Software Engineer/Developer
  8. Creative Design/User Experience (UX) Designers
  9. IT Human Resources
  10. Online Advertising: IT-based SEO/SEM/Social Media Specialist
  11. Systems Analyst
  12. Programmer

What do you think are the recession-proof IT jobs of the future? To read more about each role and why they will withstand future recessions, check out the article at Global Knowledge.