The information technology industry is a major part of the economy in Phoenix, a city that has been ranked one of the Best Places for Business and Careers according to Forbes Magazine for two consecutive years. The demand for IT talent is high, and opportunities abound with household brand names like GM, Aetna, American Express and Wells Fargo competing for labor.people-coffee-tea-meeting

While securing the best IT consultants for your needs is an accomplishment that should be celebrated, your work is not done at that point. There’s no doubt that temporary contract labor can add long-term value to your organization from the start, but that productivity has to be cultivated under the right circumstances. 

Here are three ways you can fully leverage your new IT talent from Day One:

Start Before Their First Day

Keep job candidates fully engaged during the gap between job acceptance and start date with a comprehensive onboarding process. This is a boost that will help contractors gain momentum and hit the ground running on their first day. In addition to working with you to identify the right candidates to join your team, MDI Group offers onboarding processes that are customized for each client to bridge this crucial gap.

Set Clear Expectations in a Positive Way

Tell your new contract workers why you hired them over other candidates.  It’s a positive way to set short term goals.  According to Jeff Haden of Inc., it’s one of the best ways to get an employee off to a perfect start, and this rule extends to consultants as well. The conversation can be as simple as, “Our organization needs to accomplish XYZ, and we believe you are the best person to help us reach that goal by taking on 123.”  While setting clear expectations, be sure to leave room for creative solutions to old problems.

Go Beyond the Standard Orientation

Go above and beyond the standard orientation and ensure consultants are acclimated to both the physical and cultural environments. Establish regular check-in points to monitor progress, job satisfaction and answer questions. Facilitate warm introductions to key people. Walk by the nearest vending machines. Share insights into office culture, such as whether the office is filled with early birds or telecommuters, so your new IT consultant can focus on your IT challenges and not spend time wondering why no one else is in the office before 9am. These simple gestures will make your new contract worker feel more welcome, engaged and ultimately more productive.


If you are interested in learning more about how to attract top IT talent in the Phoenix area, contact MDI Group directly at 888-416-7949.  MDI Group specializes in recruiting IT talent, and also has offices in Atlanta, Austin, Charlotte, Dallas/Fort Worth and Greenville.