Total Transit – an MDI Group client in the Phoenix market – was recently recognized as the “Most Innovative Company” by the 2012 Arizona Corporate Excellence Awards.  The company, which holds the largest Toyota Prius Cab fleet in the nation, also has the busiest cab dispatch center nation, handling roughly 11,000 calls per day.

Since 2010, Total Transit has provided its Dial-A-Ride service to the Phoenix region. Rather than using minibuses, Total Transit transports passengers in Toyota Prius cabs. For those whose mobility is limited, the company uses accessible minivans.

Most people know Total Transit Inc. by its fleet of lime green Discount Cab taxis. What is unknown to many, however, is the other side of the company’s business and the extent of its commitment to sustainability and technology.

The company put measures in place to help ensure that its 24/7 dispatch center never has down time. Redundant IT systems supported by different network operations centers allow an automatic transition of services between the facilities in the event the main location becomes disabled.

According to Total Transit’s CEO Craig Hughes, “We are constantly looking for better and different ways to innovate solutions that take advantage of changes in the marketplace,” Hughes said, noting that the company employs 13 IT professionals, including eight software developers. “We make a huge commitment to infrastructure and software platforms to give us an advantage when bidding on new business. We always try to have a new product in development.”

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