What Does a Career in Recruiting Really Look Like?The vast majority of recruiters usually admit they “fell into” a career in recruiting. It’s a rare individual who aspires to work in the staffing and recruiting field, but once they get a taste, it can be one of the most rewarding jobs they’ve ever had. At MDI Group, our recruiters are the very backbone of our business. We know that the hard work they put in everyday is the reason we’re able to achieve success. If you’re wondering what a career in recruiting really looks like, here’s a look behind the scenes.

The Opportunity to Make a Genuine Impact

The typical person works at least 8 hours a day; that’s almost a third of the week, and it adds up to a huge portion of their life. Thus, when a recruiter places someone in a new job, the impact on that person’s life is massive. As a recruiter, you’re helping to determine not only their compensation (and consequently, their financial health), but also their work-life balance, their career path, their daily morale and mentality, and their work relationships.

The impact isn’t only on the candidate you’re working with; it’s also on the company you’re placing them within. One of a company’s most important assets is its employees. One person alone could affect the company’s level of productivity, strategy, and overall success.

Ultimately, a recruiter has a genuine impact on many people when they’re successful in their career. It’s highly rewarding to know you’ve made a difference, and there’s no shortage of candidates who will make their gratitude known.

High Competition to Keep You Motivated

A career in recruiting is a great choice for someone who’s highly competitive. Demand for top talent is high, and there are plenty of other recruiters out there seeking the same great professionals and trying to uncover hidden talent and win them over. Therefore, recruiting – especially in a competitive field –comes with a sense of urgency and high pressure. Every day comes with a new challenge, requiring you to be proactive and flexible. It’s a career path that requires persistence and thick skin for when things don’t work out. If you thrive in that kind of environment, this could be the job for you.

Furthermore, it’s no secret that if you’re successful in recruiting, there’s a lot of money to be made. Not only do you have the potential to bring in hefty commissions, but you’ll also see lots of monthly, quarterly and annual incentives to strive towards. It’s a great opportunity for someone with a competitive nature who’s highly motivated to succeed.

Plenty of Room for Growth and Development

Recruiting requires real dedication, but you won’t reach success on sweat alone. Candidates engage with recruiters best when they can tell you’re savvy in the industry they’re in. This is particularly true in IT. Having a comprehensive understanding of the tech stacks you’re recruiting in as well as market trends in the field is essential to making the best matches between candidate and opportunity. That means taking the time to learn and self-educate.

Staying on top of your industry will also open up the doors to continued professional development and career growth. The more you know, the deeper you can go into a specific niche, recruiting the top players in the industry and earning high commissions. You’ll be building your reputation, too, giving you greater leverage in your network and uncovering opportunities to grow your career.

A Great Fit for a People Person

A career in recruiting means you’ll be talking to hundreds of people every week. You’ll be on the phone a lot, screening, interviewing, and preparing candidates. You’ll likely be working alongside a team of recruiters, and despite the competition, you will also be able to enjoy some comradery. All this to say, recruiting is a place for people who are outgoing, relationship-focused, and – usually – extraverted.

Because relationships matter so much in recruiting, it’s also a path which requires honesty and integrity. Unfortunately, there’s a handful of recruiters out there who earn the field a bad reputation, using “used car salesman” techniques and not treating their candidates well. You’ll probably talking with a lot of people who are familiar with this stereotype, so overcoming this challenge requires respect and sincerity.

Excited About a Career in Recruiting?

At MDI, we invest in our people. We want to see our recruiters succeed. We have been continually recognized as a Best of Staffing company, and we know that’s thanks to our talented teams of recruiters and client managers. If you want to make an impact and grow your career, you should discover what it’s like to be a recruiter.

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Suzy Schmitt is the Manager – Talent Acquisition and HR of MDI Group. If you are interested in learning more about tech recruiting, contact us at connect@mdigroup.com, or call us 888-416-7949. MDI Group has offices and specializes in recruiting IT talent in Atlanta, Charlotte, Dallas/Fort Worth, Greenville, and Phoenix.