Your IT department needs new talent, and you have an HR Jeff Clement Blog Imagedepartment in place to help facilitate the hiring process.  So why should you even consider hiring a staffing agency? Utilizing a specialized staffing agency to recruit specific, in-demand skill sets saves everyone time and produces higher quality candidates. Here’s how you can maximize your time and find the right talent by using a staffing agency:

Recruiting Skill Sets in High Demand

The more specialized and in-demand the skill set, the smaller the talent pool is to draw from. A good example is the IT labor market. In this case, it’s smart to leverage the know-how of a staffing agency with a comprehensive IT specialization. A specialized staffing agency offers local market expertise because they are embedded in the local IT community day-to-day and has their fingers on the pulse of the talent pool available.  Seasoned IT recruiters analyze weekly – if not daily – real-time data on local hiring trends and can provide industry insights regarding competitive wages and perks. They can also help set realistic expectations of what it will take to attract and compensate the IT talent needed.

Get a better ROI for Your Time

A little time spent up-front with a good staffing agency will save hours in the long run of sifting through resumes and conducting preliminary interviews.  This collaborative service delivery model means that the staffing recruiters get an in-depth understanding of technical requirements, departmental processes, business objectives, strategic goals and cultural style. Investing a little time talking through the job requirements with a staffing agency at the beginning of the process not only ensures the job description is accurate, but takes a holistic view of what defines the best fit with your department and corporate culture. And a staffing agency that specializes in recruiting IT talent knows how to interview and pre-screen candidates and can help expedite the entire process. On the back end, a staffing agency also saves time managing the reference check, background and drug testing process.  In other words, investing 1 hour in a meeting with an experienced IT-recruiter at the beginning of the process will yield high returns, saving countless hours later in the process and producing better candidates in the long run.

Only Interview Qualified, “Best Fit” Resources

Working with a specialized agency also means working with professionals that understand the nuances of the IT world.  Experienced IT recruiters can read between the lines in a resume and identify red flags or indicators of a good fit.  In addition to reading between the lines, we also recognize that candidates are 3-dimensional. To ensure the best fit, recruiters should look beyond the 2-dimensions most commonly considered when identifying candidates – education and experience.  To find the best fit for the hiring organization’s culture and hiring manager, a good staffing agency recognizes that it’s important to find someone who not only looks good on paper, but is also easy to work with. Creating a team that works well together is the key to getting projects pushed across the finish line.  Some argue that a good fit and the right work ethic is more important than a specific skill which can be learned.

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